I know what you’re thinking: “Joleene, you’re a writer who commands premium prices. Of course, you’re going to write a post encouraging business owners to buck up.”

Yes, of course, I am. And here’s why:

I’ve had three clients come to me in the past few weeks asking me to “fix” what a low-paid writer gave them. They thought they could save a few bucks hiring on the cheap, only to discover they had to pay more to get the kind of content they really needed.

I’ve also read blogs, white papers, and sales pages crafted by a similar band of writers. They are amateur, at best.

“Clunky” is the word that comes to mind as I scroll through sales pages that are littered with misspellings, written without a direct thought, and garnished with cheap images that make any hope the piece had, die within seconds.

To be clear, this isn’t a knock on newbie writers. I was there once. But there are too many newbie writers who are claiming they can deliver great content for mere pennies.

Unfortunately, that content can make you, the business owner, look unprofessional and, well, “clunky.”

I took some time to tap into what five, seasoned, professional writers had to say when I asked them this question:

“How can businesses, large or small, benefit from hiring a seasoned, professional writer? With content mills a-plenty and newbie writers offering their services for practically nothing, professional writers are sometimes skipped over because of cost. What would you tell a business when it comes to choosing a content writer that might cost more?”

Here’s what our experts had to say…

Kaleigh Moore

“There are about a million writers out there you can hire for next to nothing, but paying a higher rate for a seasoned writer who has deep subject matter expertise means you get better quality and value for your money.

You get to tap into a wealth of knowledge on the content itself, and often times writers with higher rates are also more responsive, require fewer edits, and can help with extras like SEO and images that make your life easier.”


Deb Coman
When outsourcing or seeking support, professional writers and copywriters often require a more significant investment than newer, less experienced writers.

The more effective and efficient route is to hire and invest in the expert writer who gets you the results you’re seeking: more leads, prospective clients, referral partners, and sales. This is the heart of your business. It’s not the place to cut corners.

The seasoned, professional writer will get to the core of what your message intends, using strategy and purposeful writing to convey your message while maintaining your “voice.”

Writing for business is not about mere competence. Its role is to be the conduit that attracts clients and referral partners in a way that leads to sales and business growth.”


Monica Mizzi, Editor
“Seasoned, professional writers are becoming increasingly overlooked by businesses hoping to slim down their copywriting budget. However, if the work presented is sub par to the company’s expectations, these initial savings can often become negligible.

Admittedly, there are many cheap writing services out there that are a disservice to the writing industry by accepting (and even encouraging) low standards of writing. Work is poorly written, riddled with typos, and does not properly address the needs of the client. When you work with a professional writer, you are paying not only for the content but also for their experience.”


Elise Dopson
“Content strategies are extremely important and, as you may have heard, content is king. It’s the tool that your business uses to connect to your existing customers and reach a new audience. Without it, how could you possibly continue or expand a company?

For that reason, I firmly believe that businesses should steer clear from cheap writers coming from content mills. Instead, find a freelance writer who specializes in your niche or industry. Not only will they be able to understand your product or service thoroughly (and convey that to your customers), but through their extensive experience, they’ll understand how to write content that converts.

The high initial investment for an experienced freelance writer will give you a much better return than a poorly written 500-word piece of spun content.”

Andrea Emerson
“You’ll certainly find plenty of writers who’ll agree to a lowball rate, but you’ll also find they lack the skills and know-how to sway a buyer in the 3-5 seconds you have before they click “delete” or surf away to a competitor’s website.

That article, sales letter, or web copy that seemed like such a bargain? It will cost you more in the long-run in lost sales, low trust, and a botched reputation. You can go low-cost, or you can go low-risk. You can’t have both.”

In a word…

It’s clear that there at 5 Primary Reasons why you should pay more for a freelance writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter:
1) Less grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
2) More experience with topics and deep subject matter.
3) More leads and prospective clients.
4) Business owner’s needs are thoroughly addressed.
5) Save yourself from a botched reputation.

If any of these writers speak to you, consider a conversation with them or myself before giving an inexperienced reign of your blog or sales pages.

Good writers know how to write copy that converts.
They know that SEO doesn’t stand for soup with extra onions.
And they know you need to maintain a good reputation.

If you want the level of PRO we’re talking about here, I have a sinking feeling any one of us would be happy to help.

Joleene Moody is a former television reporter and anchor turned content writer and ghostwriter based in Central New York.
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