Sticks (TV Pilot)


What is STICKS?

So glad you asked. STICKS is an original television dramedy poised for the festival circuit.

It follows the story of a secrets and scandals writer stuck in the sticks of a redneck town who turns to a celebrity drug dealer for career advice in order to keep her own secrets from being exposed.

That writer would be Ricky Richmond. And she’s the flashly character in yellow on the left.

The 25-minute proof-of-concept was shot over a 5-day period in June of 2019, and stars Jeanine Bartel as Ricky Richmond. Filming took place in Pulaski, New York. We had the pleasure of shooting on an alpaca farm, inside an historic courthouse, in the local library, and even weaseled our way inside some residental homes. (With permission, we swear.)

The pilot was written and produced by Joleene DesRosiers. It was co-directed by Elena Melener and Joleene Desrosiers with Director of Photography Andy Wolf at the helm.

Follow the progress and day-to-day musings of STICKS on our official Facebook Page. But before you go, dive into the behind the scenes videos and photos below.

behind the scenes


This is a fight scene using mashed potatoes, a jib, a whole lotta extras, and a late night at Pulaski Academy and Central Schools. The finished scene looks amazing.

Actress Chris Holliday (Jade) sneaks a kiss with one of the alpacas used in a scene for STICKS. Shot at Seven Acres Alpaca Farm in Phoenix, NY, this was one of the best days of the 5-day shoot. This alpaca is Rosie. She’s a “background” actor. 

Our four leading ladies are introduced all together in this comedic scene shot at Seven Acres Alpaca Farm in Phoenix, NY. It was shot from several different angles so that the final scene could be enjoyed comedically as it was written.

STICKS is a dramedy that doesn’t fall short in the drama department. This is Mac Fisher, the celebrity drug dealer finally busted by the DA. This scene was staged strictly for still photos that were used for a newspaper prop. But it was captured beautifully by our background photographer. We ended up using it as footage in the rough assembly. 

Director of Photography Andrew Wolf was short on a dolly, so he brought a homemade one that proved to be just as good as the real deal. Here, he captures a dramatic scene with our leading lady, Ricky Richmond. She gets a letter that starts a chain of events that turns things upside down in the STICKS.

Our leading lady, Ricky Richmond, seems to think this disguise will keep her from getting noticed as she makes her way into the Doverling County Jail to visit Mac Fisher. Her hope? That he’ll teach her all she needs to know about running heroine across the Canadian border.

behind the scenes