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If you struggle to get visitors to your website, it might be because you’re not utilizing social media enough. 

I’m no content marketing guru, but I am a blogger that makes it her mission to drive visitors to my site so I can serve them.
Using a tool called ViralTag, I am able to do this.


Allow me to explain…

As a creative entrepreneur, I learned my readers mostly existed on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Trying to post on these platforms regularly had me pulling my hair out of my head.

I was wasting time.
It actually made me hate social media.

I’m like anyone else, I need to be as efficient as possible with my time. So I started doing my homework to answer the question:


{What Tool Can Help Me Post On My Favorite Platforms?}

how to I drive traffic to my websiteI looked at Hootsuite, ViralTag, Buffer, and SproutSocial, all of which are great social media management tools. Every single one had something special about it.

And while I tried them all, the one that appealed to me the most was ViralTag. Why?
1) It gave me a 14-day free trial without asking me for my credit card.
2) It offered me free webinars to show me how to best use it.
3) I can post on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

4) The creators are always available to answer my questions. (And believe me, I had a million.)
5) It syncs with Google Analytics to tell me when my followers are online.

Admittedly, the idea using a social media management tool had me overwhelmed to begin with. But doing random posting to drive traffic to my site was overwhelming as it was.

What if this social media management tool could actually help me?


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The majority of my traffic comes from Twitter and Pinterest. What I didn’t know before using ViralTag was that Pinterest users in my neck of the woods are online early morning or late night.

How do I know this?

Because Google Analytics is directly connected to my account and tells me what time my followers are online. I love that. Instead of posting when they’re not around, I can post when they are around, further increasing my chances of driving them to my site.

I learned that my Pinterest followers are up late night or very early morning. Because I have no desire to set my alarm just to post, I can schedule my content to launch at 2:30am.
I sleep, they read, everyone is happy. 😉


Here’s how I use ViralTag:

viraltag_2Once a week I sit down and schedule posts for a two-week stretch. It takes me two hours to do this. That’s it. Here’s what I share:
1) My blog posts.
2) Social media quote memes.
3) Other Tweeter’s Tweets. (Follow me if you want me to share yours.)
4) A link to a free excerpt of my eBooks.
5) Other Pinterest’s Pins/Blog Posts. (Follow me if you want me to share yours.)
6) Other stuff that thrills me.

The reason it takes me two hours is because ViralTag gives me the option to schedule a post more than once. If there is a post I really like, I will post it three weeks in a row (on Twitter, for example).

My followers likely won’t notice that I’ve posted the same content three weeks consecutively. The reason I like this option is because it’s one less post I have to seek out, thus reducing the time I spend searching for great content to share.


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Use ViralTag. If you try other social media managers, do try ViralTag, too.
Especially if you use Pinterest and Instagram.

If you like Canva to create images, you get access to that app for FREE! That’s one of the other aspects that pulled me to it. Create images on the spot and then post, post, post.

But seriously…

I wouldn’t write about something if I didn’t believe it could help you as a creative entrepreneur. You get a 14-day free trial, so you lose nothing in giving it a whirl. Don’t keep trying to post yourself. It’s a headache.

I took off for a week recently and unplugged completely, yet I was still posting and still pushing traffic to my site.

The goal of my posts is to help you stay in your talents and make money from them. The goal of this post is to give you one more tool to do just that.

Good luck with it, and have fun!




Joleene Moody is a former television reporter and anchor turned freelance writer, blogger, and speaker, based in Central New York.
(No, not New York City. Not even close. 🙂
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