Keynote Speaking

For those who want to skip ordinary,
and go straight to extraordinary.

What kind of talks do I deliver?

The primary thing I talk about is the ability we have to be successful by creating our own deliberate life. I masterfully weave quick wit and humor into my stories while inspiring change, promoting action, and resurrecting passion. I have three primary talks, any of which can be tailored to fit the needs of your audience.

Here’s the truth:
Every single one of your attendees has a fire in their belly…a fire to create their own deliberate life. But the debilitating voices of others and their own negative self-talk keeps them stifled and unhappy. In my downright awe-inspiring talks, I urge listeners to Take Their Voice Back so they can live a powerful, eventful, and deliberate lives. When negative belief systems are released, listeners become more productive and more excited about life, love, and career.

If you want laughter, vulnerability, and integrity, give me a call, and discover why so many colleges, organizations, and businesses bring me into their rooms to shift lives in the most remarkable way. I offer the video to the right so you can get a taste of what I can offer.

My Top 3 Talks:


How to Monetize Books & Blog Posts [For Real & For True]

If business leaders, entrepreneurs, and management teams were to closely evaluate the amount of writing required to help their business function, they would discover that over 60% of the information they put out there is in written form. From eBooks and blog posts to newsletters and emails, organizations are communicating with prospective customers through the written word on a regular basis. Unfortunately, close to 40% of that communication goes unread or ignored. In this action-packed breakout session, Joleene teaches listeners what it takes to create content that people want to engage with. Email open rates increase, traffic to websites grow, engagement doubles, and book sales often become a new source of income. Attendees will leave with tips to help them start their books, blog posts, and other marketing materials with fervor and passion.

Speaking Gigs: How Can I Make Them Work For Me?

Speaking engagements, presentations, even short, 20-minute talks have power that most people don’t tap into. And while many professional speakers tell you that it’s a great way to monetize a business, what they don’t tell you is how and where to find them quickly and easily. In this breakout session feature, Joleene will share a simple and effective process that can land attendees a speaking engagement within a matter of days. Attendees will feel empowered and excited to take their businesses to a new level. In this fun and interactive session, Joleene will also give each and every attendee her eBook that goes deeper into how to find and create paid speaking engagements.

Top Story: Fear Crushed By Choices

When Joleene left her job as a journalist after ten years, it took a series of decisions and choices to get her to the place she is now. She faced fears that could have kept her stuck but she chose not to let fear win. In this powerful and awe-inspiring keynote, learn how the choices we make everyday can make or break us. Discover how to handle fear and how to intentionally make choices that keep you on track, on fire, and in line with your goals and desires. Your audience will leave this talk ready to tackle their jobs with more desire and inspiration than ever before.