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Every single one of your attendees has a fire in their belly: a fire to create their own deliberate life. But the debilitating voices of others and their own negative self-talk keeps them stifled and unhappy. In my downright awe-inspiring talks, I urge listeners to Take Their Voice Back so they can live a powerful, eventful, and deliberate lives. When negative belief systems are released, listeners become more productive and more excited about life, love, and career.

If you want laughter, vulnerability, and integrity, give me a call, and discover why so many colleges, organizations, and businesses bring me into their rooms to shift lives in the most remarkable way.



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Gathered from various talks across the U.S., take a peek at the power of truth, laughter, and transformation.


What kind of talks do I deliver?

The primary thing I talk about is the ability we have to be successful by creating our own deliberate life. I can masterfully weave quick wit and humor into my stories while inspiring change, promoting action, and resurrecting passion. I have three primary talks, any of which can be tailored to fit the needs of your audience.


Here are my three most sought after talks:

Joleene Moody testimonial Keuka CollegeTop Story: Your Fear is Crushed by Choices When Joleene left her job as a journalist after ten years, it took a series of decisions and choices to get her to the place where she is now. She faced fears that could have kept her stuck, but she chose not to let fear win. In this powerful and awe-inspiring talk, learn how the choices we make every day can make or break us. Discover how to handle fear and how to intentionally make choices that keep you on track, on fire, and in line with your goals and desires. Your audience will leave this talk ready to tackle their jobs with more desire and inspiration than ever before.


The Trifecta of Uncertainty If we want to show up loud and clear in the world, we have to make sacrifices that affect us emotionally, spiritually, and financially. When these three areas are out of sync, we face what is known as The Trifecta of Uncertainty. Less than 10% of the population will do what is necessary to navigate through the uncertainty in order to arrive at a place where they find the success and happiness they so deeply desire. In this powerful, motivational keynote, discover key strategies and mindsets that are used to move attendees out of uncertainty and into a healthy place in the trifecta. Attendees will be enlightened with fascinating research, energized by new possibilities, and empowered with simple, actionable steps.


Joleene Moody speaker testimonial Auburn HospitalBreaking News: Reporting the Truth From a very young age, the majority of us are taught to tell the truth and be honest with others. For the most part, we are, except when it comes to ourselves. We will lie and tell ourselves whatever story we need to hear in order to justify why we feel stuck or broken. “I can’t run a successful business because I wasn’t built for it.” Or, “I won’t get that promotion/job/award because I am not worthy and not smart enough.” Whatever the story, there is always a painful truth behind it. But once that truth is exposed to the conscious mind, miracles happen. In this highly engaging and transformational talk, attendees will discover how the subconscious mind receives the lies we tell ourselves, and what we can start doing differently right now to break free from the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, unhappy, and unproductive.


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