I write books for people who can’t or don’t have the time.

You have a brilliant idea. But you don’t know how to put it down on paper. 

The good news is, I do. I have written over a dozen books for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs. I specialize in:

  • Self Help / Self Development
  • Leadership
  • Business How To
  • Business Guidance 

If you work with me, you and I will spend some time on the phone so I can conduct a series of interviews to capture your essence and your idea. These interviews allow me to:

  • capture your story authentically
  • ask the right questions to dig deep
  • determine how the book will be outlined
  • create the first 1000 words and a chapter outline

“For me, getting my leadership book written all came down to time. I wanted someone who was deadline driven and highly organized to help me with it. Joleene asked the right questions and was able to convey my thoughts and ideas in a way that expressed my own voice. For those of you putting off your book, I recommend Joleene to help you get it out there. It’s an amazing feeling when it’s done.”

Chris Mefford

Speaker & Coach, (Former Dave Ramsey Event Coordinator) www.chrismefford.com

Because most authors hire a ghostwriter to remain anonymous, samples of my work are available upon request.
To review my writing style, please look HERE at my own published work. 

All that’s left is to give me a call and get started on your book!