“Joleene created various pieces of content and copy for the Homies app that helped us build stronger relationships with influencers, further extend our brand, and attract more visitors to our site. Her writing is crisp, concise, and perfectly researched. The bonus is her sense of humor that enhances the great content she produces for us.”

Edwin Warfield

Homies App Co-Creator, http://www.homiesapp.io/

Boring copy is, well, BORING..

You won’t get that here. Copywriting done right with wit and humor creates greater retention & higher conversions.

How awesome is that?

For businesses and entrepreneurs who want, clear, engaging, and kick-in-the-pants copy (the kind that actually gets people to buy your stuff), you’re hanging out on the right page.


I help content creators like you write:

  • SEO-Friendly Blog Posts
  • Round-Up Influencer Blog Posts
  • White Papers /Opt-Ins
  • Press Releases
  • Journalistic Articles
  • Sales Pages
  • Email Sequences
  • eBooks

Writing Samples

The majority of the writing I do is “ghosted”, which means I write the content and the client claims ownership.
The samples below are from clients who don’t mind sharing my work with you. For more samples, please email me.


Blog posts, when done right, help your website rank higher in a Google search. This is done by implementing white space, bucket brigade techniques, headers, images, and SEO, LSI, and relevant keywords. There’s no keyword stuffing here! Just honest-to-goodness writing that Google will love and so will your readers.



Did I mention I was a journalist? Yep. Ten years as a television reporter and anchor, and still going strong as a magazine and blog post journalist. I know how to interview and ask all of the right questions. But more than that, I know how to take those interviews and create stellar pieces for your readers. You won’t find drop-dead comedy here, but you will be able to see my ability to write and research as a straight shooter.



If you’re trying to sell a product, course, or service, your sales page needs to POP. Sales pages need to be precise, informational, and far from boring. When information is mixed with the right level of integrity, humor, and personality, those who fall on your landing page will appreciate your honesty and offerings and keep scrolling until they get to the button to buy!


EBooks are the greatest little gem. Not only do they pit you as an expert in your field, they make you extra money, give you another opt-in option, and offer your audience all the more reason to love you. They take a generous amount of time to write. But that’s okay. That’s where I come in. The samples below are my own, as authors who have books ghostwritten like to keep it a secret.


All that’s left is to give me a call so we get started on your content marketing plan!