Brilliant Words for Creatives

I write books, blog posts, & scripts
for those who 
can’t or don’t have the time.

“Joleene has written blogs and provided ghostwriting services for my eBook. Working with Joleene was easy and straightforward. She has great insight and researches topics given to her very well. I recommend Joleene without hesitation.” Melissa Ward

Web Designer, New Ward Development LLC

“Joleene provides blog posts and other content that offer inspiration for our global community. I’ve entrusted her to research and moderate for my panels and talks and she never ceases to amaze me in her preparation. Her posts on the world of indie film and digging into the industry are fun, real, and on point. She’s a gem, so steal her while you can!

Richard Botto

Screenwriter, Actor, Stage 32 CEO, Stage 32

Joleene has saved my life four times in the last six months alone! She helps me with any indie film writing needs, including articles, short blurbs, and titles. Her turnaround time is so quick. She’s clever, wise, humorous, and writes in my voice that makes my jaw drop. Run, speed-dial, or Uber to this woman ASAP. She’s just that good.Page Cooper Anderson

Screenwriter/Director, Table33 Productions

What do you do for creative entrepreneurs?
I write books, eBooks, and blog posts for busy creatives. I also write scripts and screenplays for marketers and filmmakers.


How are you different from other writers?
I can extract pieces from you that others can’t. “Freelance” writers forget to tell your story. They forget to discover who you are. As a journalist and screenwriter, I recognize that the discovery piece comes FIRST. You have a story. Right? Without your story, your clients won’t know who you are. Allow me to make you irresistible to them.


What will I get when I work with you?

I can absolutely promise clarity. Without it, your content is redundant and stale.

I can absolutely promise originality. We’re tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Let’s create content that isn’t like everyone else’s.

I can absolutely promise no stress. No one has time to sweat how to organize their book or blog posts. But I do. So you do YOU and I’ll do the rest.

I can absolutely promise positive energy. Hire a writer to simply lay down words and they will fall flat. Hire a writer to tell your story (that would be me), and you will shine like the crazy diamond you are.

I can absolutely promise inspired ideas. Go to Pinterest. See all those blog posts? They’re redundant and uninspired. Let’s write content that makes you brilliant and relevant.

I can absolutely promise an energetic partner. I am electrified by the written word. If I’m on fire, your pages will be on fire and so will you. Who doesn’t love a good fire?

I can absolutely promise integrity. Honesty matters. Genuine energy matters. Originality matters. It’s time to level up and make a difference in your creativity.

What kind of results do you offer?

I love that you want to know that. Too often, entrepreneurs looking to shift some of the burden move too quickly and offload work to contractors who don’t care about your results. 

I invite you to take a look at the testimonials on my site. They’re a little bit of everywhere. You can reach out to these creatives and ask them what it’s like to work with me.

You can also take a gander at the accolade to the right. named my blog one of the Top 40 Ghostwriting Blogs on the web. For those of you looking to grow your blog and bring more traffic to your site, this is a big indicator that I know what it takes to get your posts read, shared, and commented on. Results are crucial. Let’s get them for you.

That’s huge.