Brilliant Brainstorm Collective

You write it or I write it.
Two options, one amazing result.

Option #1

you FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective


Creative entrepreneurs often reach out to me looking for advice on how to get their book, blog posts, or script
out of their head and onto paper. 

  • Where do they begin?
  • How do they create the outline?
  • How many chapters should they have?
  • How do they structure a screenplay?
  • What language should they use to get started?
  • Will anyone want to buy it?


I Can Help You.

That’s why I created the FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective one-day “jump-start your content” service that is fun, enlightening, and eye-opening. If you’re stuck on what kind of content to write or you’ve started a book or screenplay you need to finish, this service is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

It can include several blog post ideas and outlines, a solid and clear outline for a book or screenplay, website content, and even witty social media blurbs to help sell your product or service.

After a day with me, you will walk away with original, action-provoking content that excites your readers and attracts your ideal client. No more writer’s block, no more guessing what to write next. All of your questions will be answered with clarity and direction.


Here’s How it Works:

1. Sign up with me by emailing me at:

2. We’ll discuss what content you need guidance with.

3. We’ll schedule a day for your FINISH IT – Brilliant Brainstorm Collective and collect 50% deposit.

4. On your day, we’ll have fun, revealing, and meaningful conversations that give me the best of you. The more I know, the better your content will be.

5. We’ll get to work generating a unique, yet relevant concept that is unlike any other author.

6. You’ll leave the day with a detailed outline and roadmap that is so crystal clear, you’ll dive into your book with more excitement than ever.


Common Reasons to use the FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective Service:

  • You started to write your book, but don’t know how to finish it.
  • You have a mental block or writer’s block and get anxious thinking about how to move forward.
  • The book idea you have has been nagging at your for years and won’t go away.
  • You don’t have time to sit down and think about what kind of book or blog posts to write.
  • Your current site content isn’t generating likes, comments, or shares.
  • You have a deadline you need to meet with a product launch or producer.



What Happens The Day We Work Together:

  • We block off an entire day (9 – 5) to meet in person or Skype.
  • Together we determine the main idea or high concept of your book, script, or blog posts.
  • We collectively brainstorm how to make that concept highly desirable and marketable.
  • I help you create an outline complete with chapter titles (or acts), a paragraph describing each chapter (or act), and bullet points.
  • After lunch, we start writing an easy-to-follow beginning, middle, and end of each chapter.
  • You leave with a document complete with all of these details and an unwavering desire to keep writing.

Other than my own books, I have written dozens of books for people just like you. Sometimes having a seasoned writer in your corner isn’t such a bad idea. Give me a call or drop me an email. Let’s start the conversation and see where it goes.

I can’t wait to talk to you. 🙂

Option #2

i FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective

project prices start at $3,000

There are plenty of creatives who simply don’t have the time to write anything. If this is you, it’s likely because you’re so busy creating. Writing is the last thing you have time for, right? 

Don’t Worry About a Thing.

I have the time, the experience, and an incredible love for creating brilliant content.
The i FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective service is a ghostwriting service where I write everything for you.


Maybe it’s a series of blog posts.
Or an eBook.
Maybe it’s a more meaningful book that’s been inside of you for years.

If you’re in business for yourself, maybe it’s a bunch of witty, engaging, and fun social media blurbs that attract your perfect partners to your product. It could very well be a video script or screenplay. Whatever it is, you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. I write every single word for you.


Here’s How it Works:

1. Sign up with me by emailing me at:

2. We’ll discuss what it is that you need to have written.

3. We’ll schedule a day for your first i FINISH IT – Brilliant Brainstorm Collective interview, and collect a deposit.

4. We’ll discuss terms, future interviews, and what the entire ghostwriting process looks like. For more detailed information on what ghostwriting is and what you can expect, read more here.


Common Reasons to use the i FINISH IT! Brilliant Brainstorm Collective Service:

  • You’ve never written content of this caliber before and you really want it done right.
  • You’re too busy to sit down and write it yourself.
  • You can’t stop thinking about the story you need to tell.
  • Your business is suffering because you have no brilliant content to offer clients.
  • Friends and family tell you that your life should be a movie.
  • If you don’t this thing written, your anxiety will never go away.

If getting this stuff down on paper has been nagging at you, call me and nag at me. Let’s start something that will truly fulfill you on every level.