You write blog posts, but know one knows.
No one knows because they sit dormant on your site.

Where is the traffic?
Where are the shares?
Where are the comments and the accolades?

In this blog post, freelance writer Dixie Wright shares 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Get Ignored, and what you need to do to turn it around.

You’ve been slaving over getting your blog posts thousands of views and shares hoping people will message you raving about how your content changed their lives, but with little to no avail, *crickets*. You hear almost nothing back from your blog posts—no views, no shares, no likes (or maybe a little, but not enough)—and you’re sitting there in front of your computer stumped on why people aren’t obsessed with your blog posts yet, and wondering why it isn’t landing you any money in the bank.

If your blog posts aren’t getting traffic, let me guide you through a little road map of 5 reasons why your blog posts are most likely getting ignored.

{The Headline and Subheadings Don’t Intrigue}

5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get IgnoredDidn’t our parents always tell us to put our best foot forward? When it comes to writing headlines and subheadings, this is a non-negotiable—they have to engage, and must offer solutions to your target audience in an area they genuinely need help.

If your headlines are too short, too long, too boring, or too all over the place, they’re not reader friendly, hence why you are not getting the kind of traffic you hoped for (and the same goes for subheadings). For example, instead of using the title How To Create A Professional Email, use Professional Emails: Why You Need One and How To Get it.

When it comes to subheadings they must intrigue, and they need to give the reader a clear idea of the details of the solution you’re offering. With 43% of readers skimming blog posts, subheadings are a critical part of keeping the reader on your page (and to keep them coming back).

Some quick tips:

  • Optimize with keywords your audience will search.
  • Write MANY possible different titles. Pick the most concise and engaging one.
  • Make sure your subheadings propel your reader forward.
  • Follow through on what your headline promises.

{Irrelevant to Your Target Audience}

5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get IgnoredTo continue on with the “didn’t our parents tell us” theme: Didn’t our parents tell us to treat our guests well? Just as you would treat a guest in your home, you need to do the same with the readers of your blog site.

Say your blog focuses on women’s health (and only women’s health), but you decide to write a blog titled How To Create A SquareSpace Website In Less Than A Day… Is that relevant? Do you really think anyone who comes to your blog searching for insight on women’s health will want to read that post?

Keep it relevant, and keep your reader in mind. While you might be extremely talented in the art of website creation, that’s not what your blog is about and it isn’t what your reader is coming to your blog for in the first place. Create content that will actually pull your audience in and help them in a tangible way on things they really care about.

{The Blog Design Isn’t Attractive}

5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get Ignored If I’m being honest, I would say there are blogs I try to avoid reading completely because it’s not a pleasurable experience to read them with the design they have set up.

If your font is barely legible and has the font color blending in with the background, or your font is too small, or the sides of the page on your blog have so much going on that it’s hard to focus on the real content, your blog design might be one reason your posts are getting ignored.

When it comes to reading blogs for recreation, or for work, or for family, the easier it is to digest, the better. The whole experience needs to be as pleasurable as possible for your reader, and while the look doesn’t necessarily make or break a blog, an unattractive blog design definitely doesn’t help your chances of trying to increase traffic.


{Not Marketing On Social Media Platforms}

5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get IgnoredThe quote “build it and they will come” couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to your blog posts. (I wish it was true, but it’s not.) Implementing a sharing schedule on various social media platforms that you regularly attend to is a necessity to create any sort of traffic for your posts.

Not only is sticking to a sharing schedule for your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram a necessity, but if you don’t have a decent following on social media, every post you send out announcing a new blog post will only get a handful of clickthroughs—maybe a couple dozen, if you’re lucky.

Also, the amount of times you share your posts on each social media platform (and the time in between posts) should differ depending on a number of factors, but whatever you do, make sure you don’t get spammy. The one way to guarantee your social media posts get ignored is to become a nuisance to your audience’s newsfeeds.


{Not Implementing SEO Correctly}

You are wondering5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get Ignored why no one sees your posts, and why no matter what you type into Google’s search engine, your blog posts don’t show up. If this is the case for you, your problem is most likely poor SEO strategy. For your blog to have success, you need to play by internet marketing’s rules, and SEO is an absolute necessity. (Probably above all else, honestly).

When trying to make SEO a top priority, here are the basics you need to make sure are air-tight to heighten your blog’s chance of success:

  • Find out the keywords for your topic, and choose 1-2 of them.
  • Use these keywords in the blog post title, the subheadings, the URL, and the meta description.
  • Put your keyword in the first sentence of the post (if cadence allows it).
  • Link to other pages of your website in the body when appropriate.
  • Optimize your images with alt tags.
  • Do not overuse keywords. Try to keep your keyword density around 1.5%.

When your blog’s traffic is pitiful and all you want is loyal readers, don’t worry—your blog probably just needs a little TLC. Create engaging content, intrigue your reader with advice relevant to their life, make your blog *pretty*, and follow the rules of internet marketing and you’ll surely see a rise in traffic (sooner or later). While it won’t be overnight, it will happen! Stay diligent, and keep on blogging.

Dixie Wright is a freelance writer who specializes in creating data-driven, engaging content to assist readers in bettering their lives and for businesses and publications to enhance their content marketing strategy. She loves to travel, to exercise and to meditate regularly.
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