You started your book months ago. Maybe even years ago. Now it sits there, incomplete.
Or maybe you haven’t started it, but you keep meaning to.
Oooor…maybe you have no idea how to begin.

Whatever the reason, your incomplete book remains, well,  incomplete. I bet you’ve said one or more of the following things:

“I don’t have the time.”
“It sucks anyway.”
“I’ll get to it.”
“I don’t have a story to tell.”

There are lots of reasons you haven’t written your book yet. Here are the top four I hear as a ghostwriter:

1) I  Don’t  Have the Money

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Written Your BookIf you don’t have the ability or know-how to start a book, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an author. Thousands of people all over the world illicit the help of a ghostwriter every day so they can get their book out the door. 

Thousands more don’t.
The reason?
They don’t want to invest in a professional writer. They decide it’s not worth the investment to get their book out to the masses. So what happens? It sits on their desk or in a file on their computer. For years, sometimes. It never sees the light of day.

If you really want to see your book published and you’re struggling with getting it off your desk, reach out to a ghostwriter. Talk to them. Ask questions so you fully understand the process. Asking questions doesn’t mean you have to commit to the process. It just means you have questions that you need to be answered.

I wrote a few blog posts that might answer some of your questions now:
What Does it Really Take To Ghostwrite a Book?
What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

And look….I get that the cost of getting a book written might knock you off your chair. I’m not the cheapest ghostwriter you’ll find, but I’m also not the most expensive. In the end, if you let your wallet drive you, you may find your manuscript in need of an overhaul anyway. There are LOTS of inexperienced writers out there touting that they can write your book. Do your homework and find an experienced one. Ask for references. Check them out on LinkedIn. You want a seasoned writer that knows his (or her) stuff.


2) I Feel Like I’m Cheating

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Written Your BookI’ve had potential authors say to me, “I really want help writing a book, but I feel like I’m cheating. That’s why I’ve never started it.”

I promise you, you’re not cheating. Part of the process requires a series of interviews. So in a sense, you’re actually dictating your book. The ghostwriter records the interviews, shapes the responses into a story, and makes you look and sound like a rock star. That’s not cheating. That’s playing it right.

There are dozens of things I can’t do without help. Running a business is one of them. I have a team that steps up to tackle the things I can’t. That doesn’t make me a “fake” business owner any more than it makes you a “fake” author. Not all of us are born to write. A great ghostwriter will assure you don’t feel left out of the process or voiceless. By the time you are done, the book will fully reflect your voice and you will feel vindicated.


3) I Don’t Have The Time

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Written Your Book YetThis is a big one. This is the excuse that kills a lot of different dreams.

You DO have the time. 

My thought is, “If you can’t find the time, it doesn’t mean the world has robbed you of it. It just means you’ve chosen not to look for it.”

If you really don’t have the time (because you’re juggling too many things), then by all means, enlist the help of a ghostwriter. Lots of the books I write are for CEO’s and large business owners. In this case, they really don’t have the hours to burn because they have to manage a company.

But I do. If this is you, reach out to a ghostwriter. Someone like me is a geek about this kind of stuff. I LOVE starting new projects and helping authors get their books out there. It’s why I do what I do.


4) I  Don’t Know How To Finish It

4 Reasons Why You Haven't Written Your Book YetI can’t tell you the number of manuscripts I’ve polished by helping the author finish it. Ghostwriters don’t just start from scratch. We enhance, improve, and even rewrite existing manuscripts.

If you have one that you don’t know how to finish, reach out to a ghostwriter. They know what to do.

I can tell you that my brain naturally organizes and moves pieces of information around. While you’re talking to me about where you’re stuck in your book, I’m visually finding the solution for you at the same time. 

So which of these reasons resonates with you?
If it’s none of these, what has kept you from writing your book?
Finally, if you want to talk to someone and ask questions, go HERE and let’s get started. 🙂


Joleene Moody is a former television reporter and anchor turned ghostwriter and speaker, based in Central New York.
(No, not New York City. Not even close. 🙂
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