Sticks (TV PILOT)


Behind the scenes video of one of the most enjoyable shoots in all of the land. Meet the cast and crew!

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Behind the scenes photos of STICKS, an original television dramedy written and produced by Joleene DesRosiers. 



With over a dozen scripts under her belt, Joleene is appreciated for her comedic timing and witty scripts. Her first produced play, Visiting Bammy Lewis, brought her work a standing ovation every night. Check out the loglines of her most valued screenplays, available for production.

Click the image to the right to take a peek at the loglines of her top scripts.



Speaking of comedic timing and wit, these are Joleene’s strong points on set. In her role as Jill Lewis in Exit Zero, the director made the decision to close the pilot with her unscripted adlibbing. Not bad for a lady in her (insert age here), eh?

Click the image to the right for some acting clips from Joleene.

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