So how much does this writing gig cost, anyway?


Let’s talk about that…

I will tell you that I’m not the most expensive writer you’ll contract. I’m not the cheapest, either. 

That’s because I don’t just write. I don’t just slap words on paper and call it a day.

I go above and beyond with my blog posts and the books I ghostwrite. Here’s how:

→ I do in-depth research to determine what is most relevant in the market to get the book sales, the post shares and the site traffic you need.

→ If you need blog posts, I do keyword research and pitch post ideas based on keyword relevance.

→ I don’t write alone. I have a copy editor who looks over every word I write. 

→ Any online content you need is SEO optimized. It has to be, or your content will sit in the dark.

→ You’re never alone when we write your book. We talk often, I listen intently, and I ask all the right questions to pull the very best out of you.

→ Your book will be written, copyedited, and created with powerful hooks to grab the reader from page one.


Uh-huh. How much will it cost me to have you write a blog post?

All posts are SEO-optimized and 99.9% error free and are priced as follows:
800-1000 word blog post is $150.
1000-1200 word blog post is $175.
1200-1500 word blog post is $200.
1500-1800 word blog post is $225.
1800-2000 word blog post is $250.

If you have ongoing work, I will work on retainer.

How much will it cost me to have you ghostwrite my book?

As I said up top, I’m not the most expensive writer you’ll find, but I’m also not the cheapest.

Writing a book can take upwards of 200 hours, all of which includes building an outline, finding a theme and story goal, creating compelling storylines, building characters, writing, editing, rewriting, and rewriting some more. For all of this, I charge 40¢ a word.


Do you accept a split of royalties as payment?

No,  I don’t accept a share of royalties as paymentSeasoned, professional writers rarely do. Writers who say they will accept a royalty split are typically amateur writers with little to no experience writing a highly engaging, marketable book. 

To understand more, you’re welcome to read my post: Why I Won’t Write Your Book for Royalties. 


Got it. So how do we get started?

Easy peasy. Message me and let’s set up a call. In some cases, I can get started within 24 hours.