The Skinny on Ghostwriting:

Ghostwriting is a process where a skilled writer writes a book (or eBook) for aspiring authors who can’t or don’t have the time.

When I write for someone, my name doesn’t go on the book. It’s your masterpiece. I’m just a girl behind the pen. All of the credit goes to you. After all, you’re the author. 

I specialize in writing:

  • Business Books for Entrepreneurs
  • Business How-To
  • Autobiographies
  • Memoirs
  • Self-help

When I am hired to write, say, a 60,000-word book, I block 6-months off to complete the project.

If you work with me, you and I spend time on the phone so I can conduct a series of interviews. This is so I can:

  • capture your story authentically
  • interview you and ask questions to dig deep into your story
  • determine how the book will be outlined
  • create the first 1000 words and book outline for you

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If you need a book or an eBook written, I can tackle it for you.

If you’re in business, that book is the leverage you need to pit you as an expert. You can use it at speaking gigs, on your website as an opt-in, or sell it online as part of your content marketing strategy.

If you’re not in business, then you have a story to tell that the world needs to hear. I get it.

I specialize in books that are self-help, how-to, business books, autobiographies, and memoirs.

Aside from my own, I’ve written dozens of books for other professionals.

Here are some samples (Unknown author samples available upon request._

How to Find and Create Paid Speaking Opportunities

How to Write a Talk That Sells

If you’re unsure about the ghostwriting process and what it entails, take a minute to read my blog posts on it:

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So how do we get started?

Easy peasy. Message me and let’s set up a call. In some cases, I can get started within 24 hours.