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Why I Won’t Write Your Book for Royalties

It is inevitable. Every now and again I am contacted by someone that wants a book written and doesn’t want to pay me to do it. Instead, they say something like: “I was hoping we could strike a deal and you could take part of the royalties when the book sells.”

Allow me to explain why I, any many other professional writers out there, won’t even begin to entertain this as an option. If you’re looking to have a book written and you’re using royalties as a bargaining chip, consider these things first before striking a deal with a writer:

What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

What does a ghostwriter do?
It’s a great question, and I get it a lot.

If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter to help you with your book or ebook, you want to understand the process so that you can put your mind at ease as your masterpiece comes to life. In truth, the process opens up in a few different ways. Let’s dig into those ways below so that you know what to expect when you approach a ghostwriter.

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