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4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Written Your Book Yet

You started your book months ago. Maybe even years ago. Now it sits there, incomplete.
Or maybe you haven’t started it, but you keep meaning to.
Oooor…maybe you have no idea how to begin.

Whatever the reason, your incomplete book remains, well, incomplete. I bet you’ve said one or more of the following things:
“I don’t have the time.”
“It sucks anyway.”
“I’ll get to it.”
“I don’t have a story to tell.”

There are lots of reasons you haven’t written your book yet. Here are the top four I hear as a ghostwriter, and what you can do to make your book happen.

Am I Being a Bitch? Or a Business Owner?

Are you a bitch? Or a business owner? If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been labeled a “bitch” because you stood up for your worth and your values.

I bet you’re not really a bitch. (Are you?)

I have been “dissed,” if you will, three times this month by people I made a priority. As a business owner, that’s how I roll. And I get that being dissed (or as I call it, disrespected) happens to the best of us. But my response to these people has me asking myself, “Am I being a bitch? Or a business owner?”

5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Get Ignored

You write blog posts, but know one knows.
No one knows because they sit dormant on your site.

Where is the traffic?
Where are the shares?
Where are the comments and the accolades?

In this blog post, content writer Dixie Wright shares 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Get Ignored, and what you need to do to turn it around.

Should YOU Pay to Be the Speaker?

So there I was, making the usual series of calls to various conference organizers to become their superhero speaker when an organizer threw me a whammy. She seemed very excited about my topic and was certain it would blow attendees away. I was equally excited because the event was in my home state. So I said, “Great! I would love to be a breakout session speaker at your event!”
And she said, “Great! That will be $4,500 dollars.”

I nearly spit my coffee on my cat.

This organizer wanted me to Pay to Play: Buck up $4,500 to the organization so I could present at their event…

How To Find and Create Paid Speaking Opportunities


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